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Valentine’s Day 2003

I knew this would become a series when I started this poem. I’m very lucky to be partnered with Mark, and there’s no way a storebought card would tell him this the way I could myself.

Holiday 2009

I’ve learned a great deal about living life from my folks, and we’re extremely lucky to be celebrating their 60 years together this year.

Sweet Robert

One of the earliest pieces I still have. Written for my good friend Robert’s 40th birthday, it is matched in structure with the piece I wrote for his 50th. I had sworn I wouldn’t go to New York to celebrate, in part because of lack of funds. Glad I remembered what was important!

Holiday 1999

I had the sweet pleasure of reading this at a party celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Sweet Robert Redux

Robert is one of my dearest, favorite friends–in no small measure because perhaps best of my friends, he practices the art of friendship. This was written for his 50th birthday, and structurally tracks Sweet Robert, which I wrote for his 40th.