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Holiday 2011

This was a year of major change for me—milestone birthday and new career. A skydive captured much of that change, since (like last year’s bungee jump) it is definitely not my customary kind of activity. It all got me thinking about dreams—those I have yet to pursue, the current climate, and our collective dreams. These thoughts seemed to Occupy my attention as the holidays approached.

Holiday 2010

I jumped off a bridge this past year. This is not a typical activity for me. To say the least, I learned a great deal from the experience.

Holiday 2000

Shortly before writing this, the law firm I headed: a) was robbed; b) moved; c) dissolved; and d) was robbed again. I was also in a new relationship, way more suddenly than I’d planned after the 7 year relationship I had been in ended the previous July. Whew!

Holiday 2002

This was one of the first poemographs. It’s also a return to rhyme, and a direct discussion of some larger political truths in the context of the holiday greeting. The photograph is shot into the pond in Kennedy Park in Lenox, MA. At the time, Bush was getting ready to invade Iraq, which needless to say, I didn’t think was a very good idea!

Holiday 2003

Our country was in the Iraq war, and it wasn’t going well. At the same time, my own life was really pretty terrific, and the dissonance was jarring.