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Holiday 1996

This poem sums up those that preceded it. It’s also probably the last one that in any real way focused on HIV. Though the disease is still very present, it feels less immediately threatening (I know that’s not particularly PC, but it is my reality).

Holiday 1998

This was one of the few efforts where I abandoned rhyme. I found after a while that I missed it, missed the structure and challenge.

Holiday 1995

A theme of love here–the pain of loss, the joy of a doggy friend, and the sweetness of new romance.

Holiday 1994

Life’s in a good place here for me–with health stable, and love peering around the corner.

Holiday 1993

I took my own advice–and went after some goals. I went back to school and got my masters degree in Estate Planning. This resulted in a move from Santa Fe, back to my home town of Miami, and work in a new field. It was new, and very exciting–and I was very aware of how fortunate I was to still have the time to do that.